Saturday, April 14, 2018

How Genealogy Websites Save You Tons of Money! #virginiapioneersnet #vagenealogy #vaancestors

How Genealogy Websites Save You Tons of Money!

quarterThe byword during the 1960s when I first began my own research, was that it cost more than $10,00 to gather information from different parts of the country. I quickly got the message as I traveled around interviewing relatives and paying for copies of documents, etc. Acquiring vital records was a long, tedious and rather expensive bureaucratic process. Court house documents written into large bulky ledgers were difficult to handle and almost impossible to photocopy. Most places charged 15 to 25 cents per copy. There were days that I left, my check at the Georgia Archives for $60 or more (just for copies), not to mention rental copies of film at Family History Centers and the one 25-cent copier. It was either make a copy or continue to incur the expense of travel to court houses, archives (including the Federal Archives in Washington, D. C.), historical societies, libraries, and the former homes of the relatives! Nowadays some people gripe about the cost of an online genealogy membership. Realistically, online genealogy websites are a real blessing! The easy indexes save time, effort and money. Yes, lots of money!  See Names of Ancestors in Amelia Co. VA

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