Thursday, April 26, 2018

How Studying the Construction of Railroad Beds Finds Ancestors #genealogy #georgiapioneers

How Studying the Construction of Railroad Beds Finds Ancestors

1866 Atlantic and Western Railroad MapWhile the railroad was being constructed, little towns cropped up alongside the track. The railroad houses were inhabited by those who laid rail in northwest Georgia. They were similar to shotgun houses, connecting from room to room. A railroad apartment could directly connect with another house, via panel doors. As General Sherman led his troops towards Atlanta, the Western and Atlantic Railroad transported families to Big Shanty, now Kennesaw. For those following the trail of an ancestor who worked on the railroad, it is wise to do some research on railroad history, discerning its trestles and routes during certain time periods. In some cases it may seem puzzling that an ancestor had several children, yet was never counted on the census with the family. Well, if you study the construction of railroad beds, you will start looking in other counties, or places. Eventually, he will be found listed as a railroad worker. To assist, there are a number of railroad maps posted on the internet. See Names of your Cobb County Ancestors

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