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I know my grandparents are from a different part of the world than DNA testing disclosed....

Jeannette Austin
Jeannette Austin, Owner of 8 Genealogy Websites www.georgiapioneers. (1993-present)
DNA samples come from the countries sampled by the companies offering the study. Since they sample differently, the results are different. For instance, people believing they have Indian blood are shocked when the sample shows no kinship. Samples would need to be gotten from the five civilized tribes in America. The sure way of knowing your origin is to example census and county records in the US, immigration records in European ports. It is a long process but very rewarding. Along the way you will acquire photos of relatives, old homesteads etc. And you will know full-well your heritage. DNA samples do not answer the question if you descend from descend from a certain individual of olden times, unless they gave the DNA of that person, you will not have an answer. The current trend to provide DNA samples is for entertainment purposes and very profitable. because they resell your sample. Perhaps it is time to roll up your sleeves and trace your lineage through the records. Online Wills, Estates, Marriages has old records for AL GA KY SC NC TN and KY

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