Saturday, April 21, 2018

I Play "Dodge Cars" to Survive in Traffic #georgiapioneers #genealogy

I Play "Dodge Cars" to Survive in Traffic

Having grown up during the 40s in Atlanta, I saw few automobiles.  During the war transportation was the blocky vehicle with flat-topped hood, known as the 40 Ford.  Of course one did not necessarily require an automobile, because Atlanta was only a bus ride to downtown.  That is, until the suburbs suddenly appeared on the horizon and consumed every inch of available real estate within 100 miles or so of the city.  Today, I live in one of those suburbs and fight my way just to get down the street a block or two through a maze of idiotic drivers. At one time, my complaint was just the number of autos which conglomerated the path.  Now, it is the fact that no one has their eye on the road.  That is correct.  While the now-aging iphone consumes the attention of the driver, some of us out there reformat the old gay which we played as a child, play "dodge cars."    Did you ever think that your driving skills would be directed on such a choatic course of action? And, ironically, how the little dodge cars seemed to all be modeled after the 40 Ford!  As far as I can tell, all the automobiles today have little styling and are manufactured on the simple block design of the 40 Ford doubling as a dodge car.

So now, they want self-driving automobiles.  You know, synthesized and computerized to start from the iphone.  That's right.  You can ride all over town without ever having to glance up !  And then there is the idea of the elevating auto called a Hum Rider which offers the thrill of driving right over a traffic jam.

What is the future of the automobile?  Are we all going to ride in uber cars, overhead trains, or are we going to be swooshed above the atmosphere where speed does not count and we can do a 100 mile-sprint in five minutes? Will we collide with amazon packages as they are being lowered by drones?

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