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Names of Virginia Ancestors --- > Alexandria City

Alexandria City, Virginia Genealogy, Wills, Estates

Alexander City County, Virginia

The historic center of Alexandria is known as Old Town. A portion of adjacent Fairfax County, Virginia is named Alexandria, but is under the jurisdiction of Fairfax County and separate from the city; the city is sometimes referred to as the City of Alexandria or Alexandria City to avoid confusion. In 1920, The General Assembly of Virginia voted to incorporate what had been Alexandria County as Arlington County, Virginia. The surviving court house records for Alexander | City begin in 1800 and are inclusive of old wills and testaments, detailed inventories, orphan records, and so on. 

Probate Records available to members of Virginia Pioneers 

Indexes to Probate Records Wills and Inventories 1800 to 1804
  • Wills and Inventories 1800 to 1804
  • Wills and Inventories 1804 to 1807
  • Wills and Inventories 1807 to 1810
Images of Wills,Inventories, orphans | Records, Book A, 1800 to 1804 

Alexander, M. | Alexander, Mark | Alexander, Robert | Alexander, Walter Stoddert | Baggett, Elizabeth | Baggett, Samuel | Beedle, Thomas | Boyer, John | Brown, Catharine | Brown, Lewis | Bun, Cavan | Butt, Jacob | Cardin, Daniel | Carter, Daniel | Cary, Joseph | Chapman, William, Captain | Clark, James Jr. | Copper, Cyrus | Craycroft, Francis | Dandridge, Bartholomew | Dandridge, B. | Dixon, James | Doucale, Edward | Douglass, Daniel | Dyson, Joseph | Earle, Abbott | Emmet, Josiah | Floyd, Thomas | Franke, Philip | French, Mr. | Gilpin, George appointed Judge of orphans Court by Thomas | Jefferson | Grace, John | Graham, David | Gutter, Margaret | Hampson, Bryan | Harrison, Barbara | Harrison, Samuel | Hathens, Mica | Hubball, John | Hunter, Charles | Hunter, William | Hull, John | Jones, John W. | Keader, Cloe | Kelton, George | Kester, Eve | King, John | Kirk, Robert W. | Kish, D. | Langden, Adam | Langden, Robert | Langston, Benjamin | Langston, Hannah | Lawrence, John | Lewis, Samuel | Lotsbaigj, Peter Lowe, Margaret | Magruder, Basil | Magruder, Philip | Marsletter, Philip | Masters, 
--more names--

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