Wednesday, April 25, 2018

New Genealogy Havens: The Road to Tomorrow #genealogy #georgiapioneers

New Genealogy Havens: The Road to Tomorrow

quillGenealogists who study and research the past of their ancestors realize how fast the present passes by. Already, we utter an incredous tone when we say - "I have searched for twenty years, or thirty, or even fifty." And just ahead is the uncharted road to tomorrow. Those who have already spent the twenty or thirty or fifty hapless years searching for a particular ancestor without answers, wonder if that road, so full of the internet and other new technologies, will finally reveal the answers. We must consider new havens of information as it emerges. Everyone has a genealogy collection. What if our information could be preserved, say, on a single website. To this idea, may I suggest the Genealogy Vault ( Georgia Pioneers), already a growing collection of traced families and rare collections? Should you wish to send a pdf file of your information to help preserve for others, please do so here

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