Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Our Ancestors were Mighty and Brave #kentuckypioneers #kyancestors #kygenealogy

Our Ancestors were Mighty and Brave

The bravest soldiers and settlers of past eras did not necessarily make the history books. But perhaps it is time that they did. The value of family stories lies in the lifespan of those who ventured to America when it was a wild country, built homes and communities, fought in the wars and opened the door for the establishment of the U. S. Constitution. As the researcher assembles the genealogies and history involved, he realizes that his ancestors were not whimps! Rather, they were mighty brave! The genealogist meticulously gathers data and substantiates it with actual documents. In the process, they learn interesting details concerning the times....things that have never been written about by so-called historians. For, you see, the old documents, such as wills and estates, burials, land grants, battles, etc. which tell the real story. If but a few of the researchers assembled and published the exciting events which surrounded their families, we would have some great reading!

Names of Ancestors in Nicholas County KY

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