Friday, April 13, 2018

Patience, my dear #zuckerberg #congress

Aging Wisdom

Patience, my dear, Patience

Some of the reporting of the hearings of Mark Zuckerberg tout remarks concerning the tech-illiterate Congressional committee. They are presented as an older generation of folks who have little understanding of IT and who appear somewhat foolish upside the youthful IT star of an emerging billion dollar industry. How will they cope with a technology which has its tendrils in every facit of business, US and abroad? The young genius has simply swept this country into the future, and we must catch up. All of us.

How fast the Apple iphone caught on! Almost as soon as it was in the hands of the user, people understood its functions and now, no matter where one travels, there seems to be a phone in the palm of every hand.

While it is true that our aging politicians are presiding over the last stages of their law-making in the Congress and the millenials will soon take the controls, the gentlemen in question have passed through and mastered many phases of change and growth. I remember when people dug ditches, not machinery. And I also recall when power steering was a new innovation to the automobile, three-story buildings in Atlanta were torn down to make way for skyscrapers, a trip to the moon which we all saw on television, and the glorioupres innovation of the internet and wi-fi. One adapts, or falls behind. I adapted. It is in our composite nature as Americans to never fall behind!

It may seem as though silver hairs lock the brain into ineptness or dementia, however, the aging Congressmen have been through many stages of learning and have applied wisdom throughout. Their decisions concerning monopoly and stolen-data will reside in our future laws. They are catching up. Be patient.

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