Sunday, April 8, 2018

Remember the "Model-T" Automobile?

1909 Model T
1923 Model T

1927 Model T
The Model-T's were an intersting line of automobiles. Gee, I would have loved to have had a ride!
Nevertheless, these old models remind me so much of a glamorous era of fur-trimmed coats and velour hats.  I can still see (in my mind) the old b & w photo of my great aunt wearing her beaver coat and walking on the sidewalk with her friends in downtown Atlanta near the Fox Theatre.  The Model-T was her era.  For one who was a passenger in the 40 Fords, I can appreciate the work which Henry Ford delivered to his generation and that forward.  Henry Ford (1863-1947) created the Ford Model-T automobile in 1908.  Researchers, next time you perfuse the newspapers of that era, keep your eye out for the advertisements of autos for sale at dealerships.  It really gives you a feel for the good ole' days. Too, it is an eye-opener as to the number of different models being sold one year, and disappearing from the ads the next year.  Names I have never heard of, yet the ads reveal the new inventions of the times.  It is an education!

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