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The Arrival of the Settlers to Jamestown on May 13, 1607 #virginiapioneersnet #vagenealogy

The Arrival of the Settlers to Jamestown on May 13, 1607

Ships to JamestownThe first vessels to Jamestown: Goodspeed, 40 tons: Susan Constant, 100 tons, and the Discovery (pinnacle), 20 tons maneuvering for anchorage off Jamestown Island in 1607. Roanoke. The smallest of the three vessels that reached Virginia in April, 1607 was the little pinnace "Discovery", a favorite type of small vessel for that period. The first English vessel known to have been built in the New World was a pinnace. A colonizing expedition to colony of Raleigh on Roanoke Island left Plymouth, England, on April 9, 1585, with a fleet of five vessels and two pinnaces attached as tenders. A storm sank the tender to the "Tiger", the flagship of Sir Richard Grenville. On the 15th of May the fleet came to anchor in the Bay of Mosquetal (Mosquito), and a landing was made at St. John on the Island of Puerto Rico. Here an encampment was made to give the men time to refresh themselves and to build a new pinnace for the "Tiger" A forge was set up to make the nails, and trees were cut and hauled to camp on a low four-wheeled truck for the boat's timber. The ships carpenters made speedy headway, launching and rigging the pinnace in ten days. They set sail from St. John on the 29th of May, the new pinnace carrying twenty men and, on the 27th of July, anchored at Hatoraske while en route to Roanoke. Jamestown. On June 7, 1609, a fleet of seven ships and two pinnaces left Plymouth, England, for Jamestown. After a few days out, one of the pinnaces returned to England, but the other, the little "Virginia" remained with the fleet as the tender to the flagship "Sea Venture". Sir Thomas Gates, Lieutenant Governor under Lord De La Warr, and Sir George Somers, Admiral of the fleet, embarked on the "Sea Venture", commanded by Captain Christopher Newport, Vice Admiral. These three men were leaders of the expedition and in order to avoid any dispute as to precedence, they agreed to sail on the same ship with successively sealed commissions, to be opened one after the other, considering the uncertainty of human life. An unwise decision, considering the nature of storms and uncertainties upon the seas.  Names of Ancestors in James City County

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