Friday, April 20, 2018

The Greatness of our Ancestors #virginiapioneersnet #vagenealogy

The Greatness of our Ancestors

Jamestown SettlementThese were great people seldom written about, and mostly unknown. The discovery of the ancestors is exciting. Some of my personal explorations have revealed incredibly brave persons who crossed the seas in search of a better life. They were at Jamestown residing behind a stockade fence because the Powhatan tribes were so violent. In 1622, some were killed by a massacre which engaged all white men on the Virginia peninsula. They were with Nathaniel Bacon in 1686 when he defended his community against attacking Indians because the royal governor refused, a governor who later punished Bacon by hanging. Others, took up land grants and crossed the Allegheny Mountains during the early 18th century, only to have family members taken into slavery by the Shawnee. One ancestor fought in the 1774 war against the Shawnee which resulted in a Treaty later disregarded by the Shawnee, and six years later, nearing sixty years of age, left his western homestead to join the forces of General Lee against the British in all its critical battles up to and including the surrender of Lord Cornwallis at Yorktown. I wish I had known these people. They sacrificed everything to come to this country and bravely gave their lives for freedom. And yet, as I learn more about them, I can feel some of that vibrance in my own body, and know that we are trumly of the same blood. See Names of your Virginia Ancestors

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