Thursday, April 19, 2018

The "Time Machine" Adventure #genealogy #georgiapioneers

The "Time Machine" Adventure

time machineDid you ever feel that you would like a "time machine" to step back into the past? Well, you can have this psychologically.And that is by tracing your own heritage, especially with American emigrants because so little has changed in the terrain. As a matter of fact, we probably step upon the same earth, travel the same trails and view the same rolling hills and seashores. Perhaps, a little excavation into the soil will reveal some of their trash. The secret is to begin at the old home place, if you can find it. In this wonderful age, technical advances are making genealogy more of a virtual reality. Digital maps reveal hidden archaeology such as hidden shapes and landscapes at Stonehenge while minimal maps reveal stunning images of the landscape which define old cornfields and cotton crops, forests, roads and trails as a starter. Why even the standard county map legends point us to cemeteries, churches and dirt roads. Inside these "time machine" vehicles, we can find the community where our families once resided with a visual of the footings of old buildings and houses. Actually, the site of the church and the old portion of its cemetery is the compass to more. It is a matter of imagination. The old deeds provide measurements and further description of what the old places looked like as well as the names of neighbors. Old wills, estates, vouchers, receipts and inventories are replete with details of family members and neighbors. For example, who purchased the kitchen furniture? The "time machine" works best with all of the information which you can discover in county records as well as census, church, bibles, cemeteries, and the like. Now, a little research into local history and the problems of the day provide the emotional aspects of community life. 

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