Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Wake up. Tis Time for the Genealogists to Bloom! #northcarolinapioneers #ncgenealogy

Wake up. Tis Time for the Genealogists to Bloom!

Yep. As the beautiful spring weather begins to lure everyone outside, it is time to awaken our curiousity and take it into the fields and dales of exploration. Evidence of the past is all around us. The old cemeteries are a logical beginning because these people are the "old neighborhood." It is best to go first to the old section and read those names. Notice the age and texture of the tombstone and the names which faded away with time. Those names are usually identified by running the finger over the impression and discerning each letter. A slow process, but well worth it. A similar method is employed in reading old documents. First, identify the letters. A chart can be made as each letter is identified, then used as a guide for reading the whole document. If you are reading something (before 1500 A. D.) which looks like a foreign language, it is probably Latin. A good Latin dictionary is worth the investment. As we interpret the records, we begin our awakening. Ah, to awaken in the full knowledge and understanding of past records, and alas bloom!  See Names of your Brunswick Co. NC Ancestors

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