Monday, April 23, 2018

Where to Search after Finding the Ancestors in Census Records #georgiapioneers #genealogy

Where to Search after Finding the Ancestors in Census Records

puzzleA through examination of census records from 1790 to (currently) 1940 is just the beginning of the hunt for ancestors. One needs contact family members, ask for family bibles, go to cemeteries, acquire county maps, etc. But the gut of genealogy is found in county records, from ca 1500 in Europe to the present in America. One must exhaust the county records everywhere that the ancestors resided. It is a tedious but informative and rewarding task. One can read the work of others, books, etc., but the most accurate answers are derived from deeds, tax digests, estates, wills, annual returns, estate inventories and sales, receipts, marriage records, and maps from the tax accessor's office. Too, one must also research the parent county and surrounding counties, as well as follow the (location of land grants) and lotteries. People were on the move. Nevertheless, factual information is in the county records Remember that!  Wilkes Co. GA Ancestors. See Names

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