Friday, April 13, 2018

Why did some Families go back East? #virginiapioneersnet #vagenealogy #vaancestors

Why did some Families go back East?

TomahawkWe need to understand why our ancestors settled in certain areas, then moved on. Sometimes it is quite puzzling, however, as the research progresses and we also study about the history surrounding their times, we begin to understand. The question "why?" is very important to the researcher. The has printed several diaries kept by white slaves being transported across-country. According to the journals, they were always on the move. One father, back in Botetourt County, wrote hopefully in his last will and testament (about 1789) "my two daughters were taken by Indians. If they should ever be found, I want them to be taken care of." They had been gone over twenty years! The country was wild and treacherous, especially with the incursions of the Shawnee. I have traced several families in this region who, after the war with the Shawnees in 1774, went back East. But first I had to examine all of the musters and learn all about the war of Lord Dunmore! Names of Ancestors in Botetourt Co. VA

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