Sunday, April 15, 2018

Will you Recognize a Photo of your Great-Grandmother? #northcarolinapioneers #ncgenealogy

Will you Recognize a Photo of your Great-Grandmother?

Sis Perkins
There are memories simply too precious to forget. Too soon do little children grow up and forget the elder relatives. Yet, as we age, there remains dribbles of information. Somewhere in the conclave of our thoughts lies precious information. If only we could tap it. Have you noticed how elderly citizens review these moments in the declining years, preferring the good times. I see my sisters as they were when we were playing in the yard, but somewhere in that memory lies a fleeting picture of my dear old great-grandmother asking me to thread a needle. One day I found a vaguely familiar face on an old black and white photograph and it came to me! That was her! I had traced her lineage back several hundred years, but not remember her. Now I could. What a pleasure it is to find her alas! It seems that just about everyone has a batch of unidentified photos.  
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