Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Be Friends to Molly #southcarolinapioneersnet

Be Friends to Molly

Betty SparksMolly was a aunt whose christian name was Elizabeth. She was a cute little tyke who loved to cuddle her dolls and tell them bed-time stories. She had curly blonde hair the color of margarine and big blue eyes, after her grandfather, it was said. Only three years old, she would finger through a large box of the black and white pictures of the olden days (her reference). You see, inside the box she had access to relatives which she had never met. Oftentimes, no name was written on the back. But Molly had an idea. She wrote her favorite names on these photographs. From then on, they were real friends to her. And she imagined the sort of life which they enjoyed in the olden days. There were photos of farms and old tractors which represented their new homes and churches which her friends attended. Molly's imagination took her on a long voyage, one of loving kindness, where she spoke of people she did not know, and yearned to see them. One day, Molly went to Heaven. But before she left, she whispered: "Now I shall finally meet my friends, those whose names were forgotten."

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