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Bedtime Stories that Children Need to Hear

George Washington Holland fought in Civil War
Bedtime Stories that Children Need to Hear

In this day and age, children are subjected to crude times. Yet, they love to hear stories of their kin.  Especially something amusing.  I wonder how many bedtime stories are told today. 

Not too long hence, television served as a babysitter while mom was cooking dinner and doing other chores.  I recall when Pacman came to the forefront of entertainment.  As soon as they were old enough, the children were given their favorite video games.  What is different now is that people seem to be hooked on iphones. I wonder if children are being given an iphone for entertainment.  If they are, the message to everybody out there who has to dodge some driver with a phone in his face, is one of rudeness and  selfishness.  For many reasons. 

The phone seems to control the flow and ebb of traffic of automobiles and pedestrians. And that is scary. The iphone is probably the single-most cause of accidents.  No matter where you are.  And to add to the confusion is marijuana, pot and other mind-controlling drugs.  Because you see, according to the political mouth-pieces, we must not deprive an addict of his freedom to smoke or inject.  No matter about who is killed in the process.

And, the rights of the, ahem, peaceful demonstrators, bullies, rioters and terrorists, strowing garbage in the streets and peeing in parks and streets must be protected. And we do not wish to hurt the feelings of the useless bums who stomp and burn a flag carried across the Delaware River in a desperate fight for freedom. 

And then there is the gleeful interviews by the media of the so-called victims and how  these terrorists have rights and should be treated kindly. Never mind that they shot and killed great numbers of people and children or that they were released back onto the streets after other crimes were committed.  Offend them not for they cannot be terrorist.  The word is self-explanatory.  Anyone who uses force of any kind, pushing, shoving, including blocking sidewalks and streets, is terrorizing others.  In fact, they are flat out stomping on the rights of others!  Lest we forget that demonstrators are exercising "their" rights and that the bad guy is actually the gun! 

Responsibllity, common decency and respectfulness towards others is washed down the drain and replaced with screaming, yelling, bullying, burning.  Our children hear this mish-mash in school and come home to get more of it from media sources.

So I ask, are children being taught bedtime stories?  And if they are, are they being taught of the great sacrifices made by their own ancestors in the cause of freedom?  Perhaps shown a photo or two?  And when the blabber-mouth defectors of truth and respect start yabbering on the tv, is it turned off?  Are they learning how their relatives handled the difficult situations during their lifetime?  Because our ancestors left us a message.  They came to American to be free, then fought in wars to keep it.  They sacrificed everything.  The message from them to us, then, is - "they did it.  so can we!"
There are many stories of bravery and valor which little children need to hear so that they will understand that they exist for a greater purpose than to recognize every perversion out there as having rights and  the bad examples and lies displayed by hateful groups are wrong. Simply wrong.

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