Thursday, May 10, 2018

Berkeley, the Plantation of Benjamin Harrisono #vagenealogy #virginiapioneers

Berkley, the Plantation of Benjamin Harrison

Berkeley PlantationAt Berkeley, a neighboring plantation on the James River, owned by Benjamin Harrison, there were extensive merchant mills and a large shipyard where vessels were built for the plantation. On October 20, 1768, there appeared a for-sale advertisement in the "Virginia Gazette": "A double decked vessel of 110 tons on the stocks at Berkeley Shipyard, built to carry a great burden, and esteemed a very fine vessel." Two years later, John Hatley Norton and a Mr. Coutts were negotiating with Colonel Harrison for the purchase of the ship "Botetourt" built there for which they offered 1100 pounds sterling. "She is as stout a ship as was ever built in America, and we expect will carry 380 hogsheads of tobacco," wrote Mr. Norton. Source: Shipping In Colonial Virginia by Cerinda W. Evans.
Names of Charles City Co. VA Ancestors

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