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Emigrants to North Carolina came from 2 Directions #northcarolinapioneers #ncgenealogy

Emigrants to North Carolina came from 2 Directions

Map of Albemarle County North CarolinaDuring the entire administrations of Governors Johnston and Dobbs, commencing in 1734 and ending in 1765, a strong tide of emigration was setting into North Carolina. They came from two opposite directions. While one current from Pennsylvania passed down through Virginia, forming settlements in its course, another current met it from the South, and spread itself over the inviting lands and expansive domain of the Carolinas and Georgia. Near the close of Governor Johnston's administration (1750) numerous settlements had been made on the beautiful plateau of country between the Yadkin and Catawba rivers. At this time, the Cherokee Indians, the most powerful of the Western tribes, still claimed the territory, as rightful "lords of the soil," and were committing numerous depredations and occasional murders. In 1756, Fort Dobbs about twenty miles West of Salisbury, was built for the protection of the small neighborhood of farmers and grazers around it. Even the thriving colony of Albemarle county on the seaboard now felt its growing importance was beginning to call for "more room," and seek new possessions in the interior, thus unconsciously fulfilling the truth of the poet's prediction, "Westward the course of empire takes its way." Ancestors in Albemarle Co. NC

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  1. Actually, it was the Creeks who were the most "powerful" of the Western Lands. They kept the Cherokee out, until the Europeans helped the Cherokee. Check out "People of One" for truth and not myths and fables.