Monday, May 21, 2018

Fall and Winter. Discover Old Graves and Homesteads

Fall and Winter Discover Old Graves and Homesites

Grooverville Methodist ChurchGrooverville was settled by the descendants of Peter Gruber who came to Ebenezer, Georgia along with a group of Saltzburgers who were given two weeks to leave Austria by the Catholic archbishop. The name got anglecized to Groover as family members moved in Brooks County. Fall and Winter are good times to go "grave-hunting". That is because much of the woodsy undergrowth has peeled back and made room for other visuals, such as sunken tombstones. Out in the country there are many old untended graveyards. They can be discovered behind dilipadated churches and old farm houses. Once a church is found, then one realizes that the site was once the center of a community of people. Census records provide the names of districts or towns. Therefore, taking the county map in hand (acquire a map listing districts and land lots at tax accessors office) and the census, one can zero in on the approximate location of the old farm or house of the ancestor. If interested in finding old relics, remember that people used to bury items in out houses and wells. They also buried items of value under floor boards and behind walls. Does that make an old fallen down house more interesting to you?  See Ancestors in Brooks Co. GA
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