Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Hush-Hush Discoveries

Hush-Hush Discoveries

Atlanta viaduct ca 1915
Atlanta Viaduct ca1915
I remember when the streets of Atlanta was mostly on low ground, the area which is known as "Underground Atlanta" today. Viaducts were build over it, especially around old Terminal Station, near Rich's Department Store and the Atlanta Journal building. The reason is the gullies. When my ancestor, Archibald Holland farmed his land near the capitol, there were issues with low area where the cows were often bogged down in mud. His house was on Capitol Avenue and behind it, the land sank low. Later, the city built over it. The practice of cities over-building low areas is prevalent throughout the Nation. It goes back to the times of the pyramids. Simply put, hills and valleys are leveled and replaced with bridges and highways. That is why as terrain is excavated to add new buildings or bridges, discoveries are made. When work was in progress on Underground Atlanta, there was a hushed-hushed discovery of gold in the brick work of an old building. Meanwhile, certain cities, like New York, have uncovered the mass graves of Irish immigrants! Should we discover some of our ancestors who came in at Ellis Island and wonder what happened to them, tracing the history of their exodus from Ireland all makes for a good story to tell our children.  See Names of Fulton County and Atlanta Ancestors

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