Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Ideas can be Reality #georgiapioneers

Ideas can be Reality

"Beam us up, Scottie."

Those famous words (from Star Trek) are dramatic reminders that a tiny device such as our phone can perform many wonderous functions.  But we did not acquire this technology until it was the idea of Steve Jobs, and he spent his life making it happen. The familiar "warp drive" has been revamped to mean that space can be bent or shaped.  Yet, we are just on the threshhold of discovery. But what a threshhold!

Already the technology exists whereby the Dead Sea Scrolls are being pieced together and interpreted.   It is the quest of a lifetime that scientists handling this assignment can also produce wonderous results, comparing that which was accomplished by Mr. Jobs.

Another idea man is Mark Zuckenberg.  Anyone who observed his recent questioning  by Congress can realize that a door has been opened to the invisible world of data and that this door is ever expanding and revealing more avenues of possibilities.  Get out the chalk board, Einstein.  "The speed of light within a vacuum is the same no matter the speed at which the observer travels." Does it end?

May I present my idea?  That all of the genealogy data ever researched or recorded be swooped out of every crevice and place of storage on the earth and be assembled into one location?   With just one click of a device?  And that anyone can have access?  I am looking forward to the time when items so critical to genealogical research will never to be lost to time and for those items which were trashed or burned in court house fires to reassemble themselves.  All the way back to Adam and Eve.

"Beam us up, Scottie.  We are on our way!"

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