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Names of Kentucky Ancestors --- > Bullitt County

Bullitt County Wills, Estates, Deeds

Bullitt's LickBullitt County was founded in 1796 and the county seat is Shepherdsville. It was named after the nephew of Thomas Bullitt, Governor Alexander Scott Bullitt, who served as the first Lieutenant Governor. The land was taken from Jefferson and Nelson counties through an act approved on December 13, 1796 by the Kentucky General Assembly. In 1811, the northwestern area of the county expanded to include land given by Jefferson County and in 1824 an eastern area of the county was given to help form Spencer County. 

Bullitt County Wills and Estates available to members of Kentucky Pioneers 

Indexes to Probate Records
  • Wills, Estates, Inventories 1796 to 1823
  • Wills, Estates, Inventories 1823 to 1838
Images of Bullitt County wills, Estates, Inventories, Book A, 1796 to 1823

Testators: Allender, Thomas | Allison, Enoch | Allison, Richard | Anderson, Josiah | Ash, Jacob | Baird, David | Bane, Thomas | Baugh, Richard | Bayne, Henry | Beats, John | Beckwith, Daniel | Beckwith, John | Botches, Thomas | Brashea, Marsham | Brasheans, Mary | Bredwell, George | Brown, Benjamin | Brown, Hugh Brown, James | Brown, John | Buckner, Marsham | Buscoe, Samuel | Carpenter, Joel | Carpenter, Margaret | Carrell, Samuel | Carter, Mesheck | Cartmell, Nathan | Case, Samuel | Chalfont, Abner Charles, James | Cofer, William | Collings, Isaac | Collings, Spencer Collins, Thomas | Cornell, Solomon | Cornell, William | Coyle, Patrick | Crenshaw, James | Cross, Jeremiah | Crow, Samuel Sr. | Culver, Benjamin | Cunningham, James | Davis, Jonathan Davison, John B. | Deats, John | Dooly, George | Dragos, Ephraim Dragos, Jane Duvall, Dennis Dyson, Samuel | Emerson, Henson Evans, Josiah Everall, William | Fidler, Francis Field, Henry | Fuguay, Henry | Gamble, William | Gentry, Martin | Glenn, John | Graham, Samuel | Grafton, James | Griffin, James | Griffin, John | Gunterman, Henry | Gunterman, Peter | Hain, William | Hall, David | Hall, Elizabeth | Hall, Simon | Hall, William | Hardman, Jonathan Harris, David | Harris,   -more names-

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