Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Social Media News. Turmoil in the Mix

Social Media News. Turmoil in the Mix

The  Americans who Fought to the Death at" the Alamo"
Zuckerberg recently announced that organic growth is now set to "0".  This means that FB will decide who receives your posts.  This is based upon a number of factors which are part of Zuckerberg's dream of uniting communities over the world.  To decide for yourself how this will affect you, it might be worthwhile to review his comments at the Congressional Hearings. 

Up front what it means is that if you are not satisfied with a handful of followers receiving your posts based upon the new and changing rules of FB, will have to start paying to boost your posts to a wider audience. 

I do not know if anyone has noticed, but certain apps are temporarily banned from posting to Facebook.  Twitter, for one, has warned that if you post the same post item more than once that you will get banned.  If you forward someone else's video or post, you might get a message like this "we removed something you posted because it does not follow community standards." This happened to a friend of mine and I could see nothing offensive about it.  Too, when it was received by me on the Twitter end, the space was filled with those comments as well as the px of my friend.
A number of complaints are reaching the ears of the Bureau of Consumer Affairs concerning Facebook. 

The Messenger portion of FB was temporarily removed.  It is best not to use this feature to send money to another person as one person reported that it was never received.. The complaints vary from from persons logging into FB and discovering their account was removed to being blocked for "unusual activity" when they had not posted.  One person had but 13 friends, and when she logged in, was automatically logged out.  As accounts are being terminated without warning, those who rely upon social media are at a cross roads. To continue with FB and Twitter, or not.

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