Monday, May 7, 2018

Some Genealogy News to Consider before Proceeding Onward

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As our data is being sold by places like Facebook, according to an article written last year by Joel Wilson ,the DNA samples taken by removed ownership rights from customers and their relatives.  The Terms of Service should be read very carefully and the Privacy Policy.  At this level, this may seem trivial (thinking we are using it for genealogy purposes), however, selling genetic materials may be used against us, or a genetic relative   You also grant them a royalty-free, world-wide license to use it, thus waiving legal rights. 

Now folks, this practice is quivalent to Facebook's making a ton of money off of the databases of memberships which each of us has built on FB.   In addition, for those of you who watched the Congressional Hearings with Mark Zuckerberg, the Congressmen asked Zuckerberg to find solutions to prevent data theft.  I had a smile on my face.  Zuckerberg made it quite clear that he proposes to gather data from around the world, on every level!  My Translation: "We do not understand your IT, so continue to regulate it yourself, deciding who uses the data."  A recent announcement by FB stated that there would be no organiic feed going forward.  FB will decide who and how any persons in your membership list qualify to receive your posts.  This means that in order to share with friends and relatives, one needs to visit each page separately.  If you watched the hearings closely, Zuckerberg emphasized that FB would "control" the types of information. 

So, I ask the question, "what is point of having a FB page, when I do not know if my contacts receive my posts? ' Might as well use the email for that, or text messages.  Further, in order for our posts to receive above the new 0 organic reach, standard as Zuckerberg announced, we will have to pay to boost posts, which is out-and-out advertising.  It just lost its value to me.

The larger companies like FB and Ancestry become more monopoly-like as they issue out of the trenches, accumulating debt and having technical issues.  So, no matter what the end game is, it is all big companies selling our data to companies who bug us in emails, and appear out of nowhere addressiing us by name on website pages. If it were not for Chrome blocking most ads from the browser, we would be inundated 24/7.

For months now, I have been in search of interesting blogs, which do not contain naked pictures, political news or nasty remarks. is a good bet

Also, for genealogy needs, the Genealogy History Blog contains tips, names of ancestors, historical articles, and more.  A good way to join is to simply install it on your iphone.  (avoid emails) To do so, type the url in the address box, and it will appear on your iphone.  Next, go to the bottom of the screen and click on the up arrow, and next + (add to home screen).

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