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The Capture of Pocahontas by Samuel Argyll #vagenealogy #virginiapioneers

The Capture of Pocahontas by Samuel Argyll

Replica of John Smith's shallopPoint Comfort is located in Hampton, Virginia, and is an early site for settlement near Jamestown. During 1613, Samuel Argall (later Sir Samuel Argall) wrote a letter to Nicholas Hawes concering his voyage to Virginia in 1612, and some of his activities there. He arrived at Point Comfort on September 17th with sixty-two men onboard the ship "Treasurer." From the day of his arrival until the first of November, he spent the time in helping to repair such ships and boats which were found there "decayed for lack of pitch and tarre." Then, he proceeded to transport Sir Thomas Dale in the "Deliverance" to the island of Sir Thomas Smith. He wanted his opinion about inhabiting it. They found an abundance of fish there, "very great cod" which they caught in water five fathom deep. They planned to get a great quantity in the summer of 1613, and hoped to find safe passage there for boats and barges by "a cut out of the bottom of our bay into De La Warr Bay." The island of Sir Thomas Smith was not the island known by that name lying near Cape Charles. Argall sailed from Point Comfort on the first of December and entered Pembroke, now the Rappahannock river where he met the king of Pastancie, who told him the Indians were his very great friends and had a good store of corn for him, the same as they had provided the year before. Argall then sailed his ship to the town of the king (chief) where he built a stout shallop to take the corn aboard. After concluding a peace with other various Indian lords, and giving and taking hostages, Argall hastened to Jamestown with 1100 bushels of corn, which he delivered to the storehouses, retaining some 300 bushels for the use of his own company. As soon as he had unloaded the corn, Argall set his men to work felling timber and hewing boards with which to build a "frigat." He left this vessel half finished in the hands of his carpenters at Point Comfort in order to make another voyage to the Pembroke River, and so discovered the head of it. Upon learning that Pocahontas was with the King of Patowomack, he devised a stratagem by which she was captured. Pocahontas was taken to Jamestown and delivered to the protection of Sir Thomas Gates, who hastened to conclude with Powhatan, her father, a peace based upon the terms demanded by Argall. Argall returned to Point Comfort and "went forward with his "Frigat" and finished her. He sent a "ginge" of men with her to Cape Charles, to get fish and transport them to "Henries Town" (Henrico). Another gang was employed to fell timber and cleave planks to build a fishing boat. Argall himself, with a third gang, left in the shallop on the first day of May to explore the east side of the Bay. Some Notes On Shipbuilding and Shipping In Colonial Virginia by Cerinda W. Evans.  Names of Northampton Co. VA Ancestors

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