Tuesday, May 8, 2018

The Forgotten People #genealogy #virginiapioneersnet

The Forgotten People

wreckedshipObviously everyone is not accounted for who crossed the Atlantic and came to the American shores of freedom. Shipwrecks were fairly common as vessels were met with storms and hurricanes and thrown off-course. Thus, those who were en route for America who never heard from by relatives abroad were forgotten. If we had the ship manifests of all of the vessels who crossed the seas, listing the names, ages and occupations of those traveling, a plethora of information would be available to genealogists. One can get an idea of the situation by reading some of the old Wills in England which state that someone was traveling to the colonies, or elsewhere. The Jamestown settlement suffered from starvation and poverty. After more than half of the settlers were massacred by Indians in 1622, the colony was in desperate straits. From that time going forward and as royal governors were sent to rule, colonists struggled to keep laws which did not particularly apply to a wilderness setting. During the 18th and 19th centuries, there existed a heavy traffic of trade throughout the West Indies, Great Britain and America. In fact, during the early colonization period of the 17th century, English passed laws against the colonists trading with dutch merchant ships. This was because the dutch delivered more affordable necessities without the penalty of tariff. To circumvent paying the penalty which was collected on land, merchants would drop anchor a convenient distance away. The nagging tariff paid by Virginians was an obstacle to the prosperity of the early settlers. One example is that the cost of transporting nails and building materials from Britain was so high that the cost of constructing a home in Virginia far exceeded that of English homes. For this reason, when buildings were disassembled, all materials were saved. That is why the old wills and testaments contain inventories of vast amounts of stores.  Names in Wills & Estates for Surry County

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