Sunday, May 13, 2018

The Genealogy Vault Continues to Grow #georgiapioneers

The Genealogy Vault Continues to Grow

Genealogy VaultOur collections of traced families and rare documents continues to grow. It mostly includes private collections of families in Georgia, Kentucky, North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia. North Carolina Genealogies Recently added: Abraham Alexander; Alexander of Mecklenburg County; Archibald Henderson of Granville Co.; Ben Patton; Capt. Charles Alexander; Capt. Charles Polk (muster roll); Capt. James Houston, Muster Roll; Capt. Thomas Caldwell; Capt. William Alexander; Capt. William Sharpe; Colonel Alexander Gordon; Colonel James Johnston; Daniel Alexander; Dr. Charles Harris; Elijah Alexander; Ephraim Brevard; General George Graham; General Griffith Rutherford; General Michael McLeary; General William Davidson; General William Lenoir; General William R. Davie; Henry Hunter of Ireland, SC, NC; Hezekiah Balch; Hugh Lawson White; Jack Family; Jacob Forney Sr.; James Orr; John Phifer; JosephKerr, CrippleSpy; JudgeSamLowrie; Locke of Rowen Co.; Major Thomas Alexander; Polk Family; President James K. Polk; Richard Barry; Richard Davidson; Richmond Pearson; Robert Irwin; Robert Kerr; Samuel Wilson Sr.; Waightsville Avery, William Kennon and Zaccheus Wilson.

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