Monday, May 7, 2018

The Second Voyage to Virginia from Plymouth, England #virginiapioneers #vagenealogy

The Second Voyage to Virginia from Plymouth, England

Popham Colony MapThe second English vessel known to have been built in North America was also a pinnace. The members of the second colony to depart to Virginia left Plymouth, England on the last day of May 1607 was commanded by Captain George Popham. The vessel anchored in the mouth of the Kennebec River at a place called "Sagadahoc in Virginia".; There they set up fortifications which they called Fort St. George. After finishing the fort, the shipwright known as Digby of London, framed a pretty pinnace of about thirty tons which they called "Virginia" This little vessel is known to have made two voyages across the Atlantic. The colony of George Popham which established Fort St. George in 1607, has been excavated and it was determined that the colonists abandoned the fort after a year of occupation and the site appears to have been vacant for two centuries. The site plan of the fort was drawn by one of the Popham colonists, a cartographer named John Hunt.

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