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The Shot-Gun-Wedding #georgiapioneers

The Old, Old Story

Mr. Hemperley, a well-to-do farmer of Campbell County, called upon Chief Connolly at the Atlanta police headquarters to relate the sad events of the courtship of his daughter.

Miss Annie, an intelligent and attractive lady, twenty years of age, was the belle of her neighborhood.  One of her admirers was Professor W. H. DeLoach of East Hunter Street in Atlanta.

The Professor had been teaching school in the vicinity of the Hemperley home, was thirty five years of age, and had asked Annie's parents for her hand in marriage. Annie was given permission to visit her sister, Mrs. S. J. Evans of 10 Hayne Street in Atlanta. On Sunday, DeLoach called upon Annie at the Evans home.  At the time, Annie was attended by a friend, Mr. Johnson. Several days later, a hack drovve up to the Eason door and the driver handed a note to Miss Hemperley who soon came outside with two small bundles, entered the hack and was driven away.  Miss Annie had not returned home.  The Chief listened attentatively and gave the case to Captain Crim and Detective Bedford.

As a result, Professor DeLoach was brought into the police station where an anxious father indignantly demanded information of the whereabouts of his daughter. DeLoach said that he had no knowledge of her abduction, however was locked up.  DeLoach later told where to find Miss Annie.  She was being advised by two doctors concerning having an abortion.  After the bail of DeLoach was set, Detective Bedford went out and procurred a marriage license and the newly wed left for their future home at Red Oak in Campbell County.  Source: Atlanta Journal 28 Feb 1887.

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