Thursday, May 3, 2018

"They Have a Pecular Way of Doing Things out in Kentucky" #kentuckypioneers #genealogy

They Have a Pecular Way of Doing Things out in Kentucky

drunk manThe Louisville Commercialnewspapers reported a pecular robbery when a man was robbed of his clothes. "The most daring robbery that we have heard of lately took place on Saturday night, on the Corydon road, one and a half or two miles below the city. August Bazzot, a Frenchman, who has an enthusiastic admiration for Christmas, and believes it a religious duty to get gloriously drunk on that day, thought it proper to commence his spree on the day before, so that he might be in proper case for tho annual festival. He succeeded admirably, and, dressed in a suit of new clothes, ho splurged around until after dark, when he started on his winding way, home ward bound. He proceeded, by zigzags, stopping at every saloon he came to until he had reached a point not far from two miies from tho city. Here he was brought to a halt by a couple of individuals, who demanded his money and such other trifles as he had upon his person." Too drunk to resist, the robbers tppl every article of clothing, except his shirt, and thus disrobed, was turned out in the intense cold weather cold to sober up and reflect. He was found Sunday morning upon tho Corydon Road, about half a mile below the city, nearly frozen to death, his shirt fluttering in the wintry breeze like a distress signal from a vessel. When he reached the point of reflection he found himself minus all his money, his new Sunday suit of store clothes, his new boots and socks and his new hat, all having been stolen from him. Source: The Daily State Journal, Alexandria Virginia, January 2, 1871.   Names of Jefferson Co KY Ancestors

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