Saturday, June 9, 2018

Bravery and Stamina

Bravery and Stamina

John CollinsCaptain John Collins was born in Maryland, and first enlisted in 1776 to fight against the Cherokee Indians serving in Colonel Neal's Regiment during April and May. He was one of those soldiers who re-enlisted again and again to serve his country, beginning as a private and earning the rank of captain. In those days, three month stretches were offered, so that the soldiers could return home during planting and harvesting. In other words, they farmed and fought in a war! Collins served a two-month tour as a South Carolina Militiaman when he was drafted into a battalion of horsemen under Major Francis Ross. During 1778 and 1779 he fought on the South Carolina lines, later joining Colonel Hampton to go to Charlotte, North Carolina and Colonel Archibald Lytle at Hillsborough. He fought the battle of Guilford Court House and was at Tarleton's defeat. The trail to establishing a home for his family had begun in Maryland, fighting battles in the Carolinas and Georgia, until he finally removed to Hall County, Georgia where he farmed the land given him as land grants for service in the war. His last stop, however, was Acworth, Georgia. He was buried in Mars Hill Presbyterian Church where his family attended.

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