Friday, June 22, 2018

Everyone Finds Something Different

Everyone Finds Something Different

I have made it a habit to peruse local libraries and historical societies, especially while on vacation because this is where one finds interesting genealogy collections. The Historical Society of St. Augustine (open to the public) contains rare collections of old marriages and church records; also transcripts of individual genealogies. One usually needs assistance in such places because of cataloging and storing arrangements. But if you linger longer enough, a surprising amount of genealogy will unfold before your eyes. The Washington Memorial Library of Macon has a vast microfilm collection of wills and estates from many States. Forget about ordering microfilm from the Library of Virginia, because that collection is in Macon, Georgia. Also, the Cobb County Regional Library in Marietta, Georgia has an expansive collection of genealogy books for every State. The point is that very little information is online, or digitized. We still need to poke around.
Names of Bibb County GA Ancestors

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