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Names of NC Ancestors --- Carteret County

Carteret County Wills and Estates

Court HouseCarteret County was named for Sir George Carteret, English Lord Proprietor, or possible his heir, John Carteret, the 2nd Earl of Granville. County Seat: Beaufort, North Carolina. The county seat is Beaufort.

Carteret County Wills and other Records Available to Members of North Carolina Pioneers

Indexes to Wills

  • 1741 to 1799
  • 1741 to 1839
  • 1760 to 1880
  • 1829-1866
  • 1860-1868
  • 1898-1916

Carteret County Wills

  • Abstracts of Carteret County Wills dating from 1726 to 1770

Images of Wills 1760 to 1880

Testators: Always, Keziah; Arthur, Jacob; Arthur, Seth; Backhouse, John; Bagwell, Robert; Baker, William; Barrenton, Nathan; Bartell, John; Bell, Abigail; Bell, Abner; Bell, Caleb; Bell, David; Bell, George; Bell, James; Bell, Joseph; Bell, Malachi; Bell, Nathan; Bell, Solomon; Bell, Susan; Berkley, Aylworth; Berry, James; Biggott, John; Black, Martin; Bordeau, Benjamin; Bordeau, William; Brees, Henry; Brees, Ross; Brees, William; Brion, Nathan; Brooks, Lydia; Brown, John; Bryant, Nicholas; Buck, Francis; Canaday, Richard; Canaday, Thomas; Chadwick, James; Chapman, Joshua; Chadwick, Samuel; Church, Constance; Cooke, Esther; Davis, Joseph; Davis, Nathan; Davis, Susanne; Davis, Whittington; Davis, William; Dickinson, James; Dickinson, John; Dill, Edward; Dixon, James; Dixon, John; Dudley, Christopher; Dudley, Elizabeth; Dudley, Elizah; Dunfy, Peter; Easton, John; Eavey, Richard; Ellis, Freeman; English, Thomas; Fisher, Charity; Fuller, Belcher; Fuller, Edward; Fuller, Nathan; Gabriel, Benjamin; Garner, Frances; Garner, John; Gaskill, Joseph; Gaskill, William; Gillian, Thomas; Gilliden, Alexander; Goodwin, Lucreshia; Goodwin, Oliver; Goodwin, Thomas; Goulding, Thomas; Green, Elisha; Green, Francis; Green, Henry; Green, Samuel; Hall, Daniel; Harker, James; Harpe, John; Heady, Daniel; Hellen, Jonathan; Herbert, Hillary; Hibbs, John; Hill, Edward; Hill, Elizabeth; Hill, Isaac; Hill, Jonathan; Hill, William; Huff, Robert; Hunter, Ezekiel; Hunter, Lebbeus; Hunter, Stephen; Jackson, Francis; Lewis, Thomas; Lewis, William; Longest, Joshua; Lupton, Christopher; Marshall, John; Maulben, Samuel; May, Han   more

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