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Names of SC Ancestors --- > Greenville County

Greenville County Probate Records

Greenville, SC

Greenville County originally belonged to the Cherokee Indians, until 1777 when they ceded their lands to the state and English and Scotch-Irish settlers began settling. Greenville District was created in 1786, but from 1791 to 1800 it was part of the larger Washington District. The county seat was originally named Pleasantburg, but in 1831 the name was changed to Greenville. Early settlers: Arnold Russell, William Henry Lyttleton, Frederick Winter, Jesse Saxon, John Robinson, Evan Thomas, George Salmon, Wiat Anderson, John Holland, General Nathaniel Greene (1742-1786) and others. 

Greenville County Probate Records available to members of South Carolina Pioneers

Images of Greenville County Wills 1787 to 1818

Arnold, Benjamin, LWT | Ayres, John | Barrett, Reubin (1812) | Benson, Elizabeth | Benson, Prue, LWT | Bots, Moon, LWT | Bradley, Abraham, LWT | Chastain, Abraham, estate (1845) | Chandler, Joel, LWT | Collins, John, LWT | Cooley, Jacob | Cox, John, LWT | Crain, Judith, LWT | Crayton, Thomas, LWT | Darrach, Hugh, LWT | Dill, John, LWT (1807) | Dill, Stephen, LWT (1839) | Duncan, Sally, LWT | Dunn, Benjamin | Dyer, Samuel, LWT | Edwards, John, LWT | Edwards, Sally | Fisher, Nicholas, LWT | Ford, Mary, LWT | Ford, John, LWT | Forest, Jeremiah, LWT | Forrester, James, LWT | Foster, John, LWT | Gaston, William | Goodlett, David, LWT | Goodlett, Hiram, LWT | Goodlett, Robert | Grace, Joel | Hackson, William | Hanes, Henry | Harrison, John, LWT | Hawkins, Eaton | Hawkins, Joshua, LWT | Hethcoth, Isaac | Howard, Edward, LWT | Howard, John, LWT | Hunt,  more

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