Tuesday, June 12, 2018

The Several Marriages of Our Ancestors and How to Find The Brides

The Several Marriages of Our Ancestors and How to Find The Brides

Archibald Holland House, oldest in AtlantaTypically, the ancestor married several times, particularly if there were small children to be reared. Searching for those marriages would be a lot easier if they remained in the same area. But they were constantly on the go, visiting relatives or in search of fertile lands. The deeds and tax records are useful in determining when and from whom land was purchased, sold or divided between the heirs. Sometimes other members of the family later show up in the same location. When Archibald Holland left his farm in Atlanta (ca 1834) to find fertile land in Paulding County, I thought that was the end of my search. Yet, an old newspaper concerning the oldest house in Atlanta revealed a person by the name of Moses Holland occupying in the house in 1840! A search in the tax digests confirmed his presence, and a later census record disclosed that Moses was from Abbeville, South Carolina. Since he was near the age of Archibald, the possibility of an unknown brother emerged! The search took me to Abbeville. A whole new facet of discovered revealed that a member of the colonial family from Virginia had settled in Abbeville and it followed this was where the father of Archibald had met his wife. Also, it brought meaning to the naming of Archibald's children.  Names of Paulding County Ancestors

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