Tuesday, June 26, 2018

The Time is Now

The Time is Now

Archibald Holland HouseMy sister, Dorothy, and I spent many years tracing our families. After awhile, Dorothy gave up. But I kept on plugging. Finally, while reading previous issues of the Atlanta Journal, I discovered the old home of our ancestor in Atlanta. Archibald Holland actually drew all of downtown Atlanta in the 1824 Land Lottery! His home was situated on Capitol Avenue, adj. Trinity Street. When I found it, I took the photo to Dorothy in the Nursing Home. I was so disappointed when she did not understand. My older sister was standing beside me. I turned to her. She also failed to understand. I stared at the photo disquietingly aware that I had at long last discovered a gem which my sisters could not appreciate. The find had taken more than fifty years and the editor of the newspaper had no idea that he had captured the home of the first owner of all of downtown Atlanta, all 202-1/2 acres! If somehow Dorothy could only grasp the joyfulness inside of my heart. But it was too late. And now, Dorothy is gone. Names of Fulton County GA Ancestors

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