Saturday, June 16, 2018

The Trail of the Mountaineers

The Trail of the Mountaineers

Smokey MountainsKentucky and Tennessee seem to run together in genealogical research. The reason is that as the mountains were explored, people pushed further west. Too, counties and State borders were changed. As part of Stewart County, Tennessee was drawn off, those records fell in Robertson County. Too, land in Trigg and Christian Counties, Kentucky may have also been part of Tennessee. The same thing happens along the North Carolina and Virginia borders. The Cumberland trail through Virginia into Tennessee is prime suspect for research for any ancestor who traveled on the Wilderness Trail from Pennsylvania. Also, the state of Franklin in 1786 encompassed Northeast Tennessee, specifically the counties of Blount, Sevier, Greene, Spencer, Washington, Caswell, Sullivan and Wayne. Wayne County today encompasses Johnson and Carter Counties. The thing to remember is the Wilderness Trail, and follow that map. Also, remember that Indian troubles in the Smoky Mountains were driving settlers into other regions. While immigrants gambled on the acquisition of land grants in the West, others went back East. A worthy note is that the county (or State) of the land grant location may not be in Virginia or North Carolina because of boundary changes.  See Names of Wayne County KY Ancestors

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