Thursday, June 14, 2018

What do you want the most?

If you are tracing your ancestors, your wish is probably to find a lost ancestor that you have spent years and years researching.  A search which has been gruelling, rewarding and expensive.  But you need to know.  Sometimes it feels as though it would be easier to go to Mars. Everyone of us has an elusive ancestor.  Perhaps you need a new slant on your approach, or would just appreciate some help.  

I have traced families for the past years in the States of Georgia, Kentucky, North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia and am willing to work on one of your brick wall issues for FREE..  

The only condition is to become a Member of 8 Genealogy Websites.  The gateway to all of these websites is

To join, click here

Lots of people are working on the same lineage.  In an effort to help others, the results of the free research is visible on the website to other members.  

Hope you take advantage.  I am not getting any younger!

Jeannette Holland Austin

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  1. Thank you, but I have 40 years research in and a "huge" Tree.