Saturday, June 30, 2018

Where are the Old Genealogy Records? #gawills #gaestates #gamarriages #gaancestors #gagenealogy.

Where are the Old Genealogy Records?

Pictured is the Cobb County Library, Georgian Room in Marietta. While the web is still emerging as a great source for finding the ancestors, libraries contain a wealth of data. As certain genealogical societies and regional libraries become inter-active over the Internet, one cannot help but wonder, "do we have it all?" Let us reflect for a moment and remember that for generations societies have kept records of their ancestors, while but a small portion of the data was published. If we begin about 1900 when it was fashionable to become a member of the DAR, its members went out and sought local information such as bible records and cemeteries. Also, while some books were published by individuals, for the most part, records went unindexed. Particularly, census records. The best bet for locating the fruit of this work is to visit local libraries and state archives.
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