Friday, July 27, 2018

FB Suffers the Largest Single Wipeout in Market History !

Things are dramatically changing for those who use FB.  And in the worst sort of way. It is time to start looking for other media to replace FB.

Yesterday FB was slaughtered.
Down 19 points, losing 120 Billion Dollars of the company's value. This equates to 4 times the entire market capitalization of Twitter.

For sometime now, FB has been working against its users. The changes in the algorithim certainly affects all of us.  This once very-popular entity is destroying itself.  For those who notice, FB not only has reduced the number of friends who receive our posts, but decides who gets the posts.  This past week has been punctuated with endless ads!  I have spent this week refusing ad distribution, however, to no avail.  It continues and continues.  What is in it for us?  Nothing. 

Well, it seems that FB has lost a great deal of its original value because of it.   It sacrified privacy, sold data and altered the algorithims down to 0.  Today, it is an advertising magazine. 

Read about FB Losses

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