Friday, July 20, 2018

Finding the Old Homeplace #genealogy #gawills #gaestates #gamarriages

Finding the Old Homeplace

The actual site can be discovered. It simply requires some detail work and exercise! The last will and testament of James Cunningham specified that his tobacco crop of 1774 and 1775 were to be used to pay his last expenses, yet he did not succumb until five years later. The plantation was located on the Banister River near Markham and Riceville. The Banister begins as an anonymous trickle in the mountains west of Chatham and trinkles its way into Pittsylvania County. The real clue to locating old homeplaces is to read all of the documents, that is wills, estates, deeds and tax digests. Then, acquire a county map, search out the waterways and other clues, and go to the locale. The site of the plantation would be near a community of sorts, a church, churchyard or even unidentified cememteries in the woods.

Banister River
The Banister River which may actually be in Pittsylvania County 

Ancestors in Charlotte County Virginia
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