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Major Gill of Hunting Creek NC #northcarolinapioneerscom #ncgenealogy

Major William Gill of Hunting Creek

Grave of Thomas YoungGrave of Thomas Young on Hunting Creek in Iredell County. During the year of 1778, Thomas Young removed from Mecklenburg, Virginia to North Carolina and settled on Hunting Creek, within three miles of the place where the counties of Yadkin, Davie, and Iredell form a common corner. At the time, he was past the age for military service, but furnished three sons-in-law and two sons to the army of General Washington, and a third son, at sixteen years of age, to the army at Norfolk, Virginia. One of Young's sons-in-law was Major William Gill who was connected with the staff of General Washington and served in the capacity of aid to the Commander-in-chief in 1778. While on the battlefield of Brandywine, Major Gill became separated from his command and in the dense smoke of the conflict, rode into the ranks of the enemy. Upon discovering his situation, the only means of escape which presented itself was to leap his horse over a high rail fence, which was being scattered by the artillery of the enemy. This feat he accomplished successfully, and afterward received the congratulations of his General for the spirited adventure and escape. Major Gill was with General Washington at the surrender of Cornwallis in Yorktown. After the war, Major Gill settled on Rocky Creek near the village of Olin, and upon his death was interred in the family burial ground of his father-in-law. Also, generally unknown to historians, is the fact that the mortal remains of a member of the staff of General Washington repose on the banks of Hunting Creek, in the county of Iredell, a fact attested to by the surviving members of the family of Major Gill.   Iredell County NC Ancestors

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