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More on How to Find the Surname of the Bride #georgiapioneerscom #gagenealogy

More on How to Find the Surname of the Bride

1886 Hairdresser Atlanta Journal
Another means of searching for the name of the wife is to consider the names of the children, especially if obvious surnames are included. The practice of naming children varied from time to time, however, generally, the first child took the combined names of both grandparents.  This combination often included the surnames. 

For example, one of my ancestors named his first child William Franklin Smith.  Later, trying to locate the name of his wife, I discovered there was a William Franklin who resided in the vicinity.  Since my ancestor was an administrator of his estate, it became clear that he had married Martha Franklin.  I proceeded to learn all that I could about William Franklin and discovered some pretty interesting facts which further clarified the situation.

This is a powerful reason to read all of the old wills and estate records in a given county irrespective of who it was.  Communities lived and worked together.  They witnessed the documents of their neighbors, married daughters, and passed land to relatives.

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