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Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Names of Kentucky Ancestors --- > Garrard County #kygenealogy #kyancestors #kywills #kyancestry

Garrard County Wills, Estates, Guardianhips, Annual Returns, Inventories, Settlements

Map of Garrard County

Garrard County was formed in 1796 and was named after James Garrard, the Governor of Kentucky from 1796 to 1804. The county seat is Lancaster. 

Indexes to Wills, Estates, Guardianships, Distributions
  • 1797 to 1805
  • 1807 to 1811
  • 1805 to 1809
Militia Records
  • Paymaster Records of 7th Regiment Kentucky Militia 1808 to 1813
Images of Wills, Estates, Inventories, Guardianships, Distributions, Book A, 1797 to 1805

Alford, John * Ball, John * Banks, Jones Banks, Levin * Banks, Lynn Banks, Samuel * Barbour, James* Blanton, Joshua Bowen, William* Brady, Charles* A. Carns, Alexadnder* Carpenter, Sopher* Compton, Zachariah* Cosden, Matthew* Cummins, Moses* Dickens, Benjamin* Gooch, Elizabeth* Gooch, Jesse* Hayden, James* Harris, R. Harris, Solomon Harrison, Richard Havis, Robert* Hays, William* Hiett, Abner Hinds, James* Hogan, John * Huffman, Frederick* Irvine, Joshua Kincaid, Robert* Lambton, William* Lawson, Elisha Macklin, James* Marksburg, Samuel * Mayfield, Micajah Miller, Jacob* Nelson, Ambrose Nickern, Michael Perrel, Henry* Poor, Robin Sapery, John * Scott, Samuel * Smith, James* Smith, John to Sally Smith* Smith, Liberty, orphan of Henry* Smith, Mark* Smith, William, Capt.* Stapp, Gholson* Stapp, Rachel* Sutton, Rowland* Terrill, Joseph* Terrill,, Robert* Toney, Bishop Wooley, William* 
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