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Craven County Wills and Estates

New BernCraven County one of three counties (Albemarle and Clarendon being the others) set up in 1664 by the Lords Proprietors of Carolina. Its territory embraced what later became South Carolina. The county of Craven was established in 1705 as the Archdale Precinct of Bath County. Archdale County may have existed as early as 1696. The name was changed to Craven County about 1712. The territory in Craven County included the Ashley River settlement known as Charles Town (Charleston, South Carolina). Craven County was officially created on 3 December 1705 and Bath County was abolished in 1739. The county seat: New Bern.

For anyone who has not visited the beautiful New Bern, it is a lovely coastal city, well worth visiting.

Craven County Wills and other Records Available to Members of North Carolina Pioneers

Transcripts of Craven County Wills filed with the Secretary of State

  • Arenton, William (expand upon opening)
  • Blackledge, Richard (expand upon opening)
  • Bryan, Anne (expand upon opening)
  • Bryan, Hardy
  • Bryan, William
  • Caruthers, John
  • Conway, Mary
  • Craven, James
  • Fonvielle, John
  • Franck, John Martin
  • Herritage, Willism
  • Isler, Christian
  • Pilson, Grace
  • Wickliffe, William

Miscellaneous Estates

  • Conner, Lewis
  • Holland, Henry
  • Holland, John
  • Holland, Joseph

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