Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Old-Fashion Ways of Doing Things #georgiapioneerscom #genealogy #oldfashioned #datatheft

 Old-Fashion Ways of Doing Things

Sometimes the old way is the best.  For example,  this Nation is currently enmeshed in a battle concerning data privacy.  The average person dismisses the issue because he enjoys the convenience and thinks that he will not be affected.  However, identity theft, credit cards, banks, insurance, medical and genealogy charts, all of this data on the internet opens a door to thievery and sinister purposes.  If your information was hacked, then that website was storing it online.  Ideally, we should steer clear of this situation.  But is it possible?

Genealogy software is still a good bet.  For one thing, it is on one's private computer and not on the internet.  Other people cannot add stuff to it or take from it.

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