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Searching for Marriage Records #georgiapioneerscom

Searching for Marriage Records

One of the more difficult aspects of looking for ancestors is the discovery of a marriage record at the local court house.  As so many marriages occurred in churches went unrecorded at the court house simply because it was not always required by law.

For this reason, it is incumbant upon the genealogist to do a through search into the activities of those concerned.  Let us say that the search is for the name of the bride.  One must begin, however,  with the groom and trace his whereabouts during certain years.  In other words, find enough information so to draw certain conclusions.   A normal practice was to marry one's neighbor.  This could be in the vicinity of the home of the groom, or in another locale which also included relatives with whom he often visited.

An important resource is a visit to the cemetery is indicated because sometimes the bride's maiden name is also on the tombstone.  While you are there, look around and see who was buried near your families.  This is the local neighborhood; friends and relatives of your ancestors!  If you have performed a thorough search of the deed records (another good source), you will recognize some of these people.

Also, in more recent years, the death certificates of all of the children of a couple is a good bet because the name of the mother could be listed.   And, a death certificate of the husband as well.

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