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The Attributes of a Genealogist #genealogy #gawills #gaestates #gamarriages

The Attributes of a Genealogist

Antrim, Ireland was a popular departure port
It may appear to others that we are permanently part of a library setting, however, there are some hidden assets in the life of a genealogists.

A good memory. Remembering names, dates and places.  The secret behind this asset is attributable to our hard-to-find-ancestors.  Yes, the task of searching just about everywhere trying to find an ancestor is sure to imprint this information upon the mind. As we age and fall back upon events, we realize the importance of having a good memory.

Rationalization of names, places and events is a good work out exercise for the brain.  You might be labeled a problem solver. 

The ability to assemble the family group sheet with persons of the correct generation despite the duplicity of names and dates.

A fondness of traveling around.  Historical sites are appreciated, but an old mill pond or cemetery is also pleasurable.

Excitement over small finds.  Discovering an ancestor in a record is akin to seeing a good movie.
Then there is the historian in us, that part of ourselves who is able  pinpoint the life of an ancestor with the times and to envision the role which he played during important historical events.  Have you noticed that people ask you about history?  You have answers because your imagination took you to the victories and defeats of  the kinfolk.

The techniques of analyzing old photographs.  Recognizing fashions of the times, hairdos and  the positioning of poses, facial expressions as being the same person who has aged is a true and useful ability.

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